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Spreading kindness is a wonderful thing to do! It makes the person you are being kind towards super happy, and even make you happy too!


Have a go at these kindness activities below...


Activity: Kindness compliment ripple


Kindness grows on kindness. It creates a ‘ripple’ or ‘domino’ effect. How we can show kindness to someone by giving them a compliment?


Task: Practise passing compliments to someone else about different things e.g. something they have done, the way they behave, how they make you feel etc. This could even be through a phone call, a message or an email.


Try this: Try to notice how you feel if someone gives you a compliment.


Question: Do you think you can make kindness neverending?

Activity: Situations where kindness is difficult


Is it easy to ALWAYS be kind? Can you think of examples where it can be difficult? For example, if you are in a rush or if you worry what others will think of you. How can we deal with these situations? These situations are known as ‘dilemmas’.


Task: Make up an acrostic poem using each letter of the word ‘dilemma’ to start each line, which gives key messages about what to do when it is difficult to be kind.


Try this: Try spotting situations where being kind can be tricky. What makes it tricky?


Question: Is there a difference between kindness and caring?