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Starting secondary school


Starting high secondary school is a really exciting time for you but can also be a time where you might feel worried, anxious or nervous. There are quite a few changes, but we want to get you as ready as possible. 


Follow this link to the BBC Bitesize well being activity.


What is life like in the first year at secondary school?

Follow Alfie through a typical day in Year 7 from when he gets up in the morning to what happens during the school day.

The video includes tips about having the correct equipment for a school day and the opportunities to get involved in after school activities and clubs.


Follow the above link and watch the video that looks like this...


This video looks at one of the main differences between primary and secondary schools - the size of the school.

Getting lost is one of a child's main concerns when starting a new secondary school.

In this video students from CBBC’s Our School, talk about how they got used to the size of their new school and offer tips on finding your way round.


Follow the above link and watch the video that looks like this...



Think about some of the tips they learnt from watching the video clips. Discuss you worries or concerns with your grown ups or older siblings that may have or still be at secondary school.


Make a checklist of things they think they would need for a school day.


Think about and plan the things they might need to get ahead of starting at a new school this could include stationery, a planner, a calculator etc.


Think about and write down the tips you learnt about how to find their way around a new school.


and remember... we are still here for you!! smiley

If you have any worries or questions that can't be answered by the people you have at home, send us an email: