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Planning for when this is all over!


You may be feeling that this way of living is going to go on forever at the moment. 

Remember your adults may be feeling this too. 

You may be missing your friends and family members that you are unable to see at the moment. 

We are also feeling like this.


But, this WILL come to an end and we will all be back at school doing the things we enjoy and seeing the people we care about. 


Until then, why not create a WISH BOX. 


Make a box that you can all use and each time you think of something that you used to do, that you can;t do now, write it down and put it in the box. Then when this is over, you and your adults can open the box and make sure you do those things!


Remember, only add things that you would normally do and that are possible that you can't do at the moment. 


Some ideas: 

- visit Grandma / Grandad

- See my friends

- Go to the park 

- Go to school

- Have a meal out



Don't forget to send us pictures of your boxes!


Keep smiling!smiley




Here's an example...