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Random Acts of Kindness


Lots of you will be feeling quite confused about what is going on around the world at the moment. Don't worry, your teachers are feeling a little confused too!

It is important to try and be as positive as we can during this difficult time.




This week I would like you to think about all the different acts of kindness you could do to make others happy. 


Here are a few ideas. See how many of these you can do wink:


heart Tell a family member how much you love and appreciate them. Tell them all the reasons why you love them.

heart Make your mum or dad a cup of tea. Tell them to put their feet up and relax. I'm sure they would love this!

heart Bake a cake for your neighbour.

heart Write a Thank You letter to the doctors and nurses who are trying to help all the sick people around the world.

heart Make a positivity rainbow and hang it on your window to cheer up people as they pass by your house.

heart Video call a friend or your grandparents. I'm sure they will be missing you and would love to have a chat.

heart Help out with jobs around the house. Could you do the hoover? Wash the dishes? Tidy your bedroom? The list is endless!

heart Tell someone you know why you are thankful for them. It could be your parents, grandparents, a friend or even your teacher! 

heart Spend some time playing with your pet.

heart Read a book to your younger siblings or help them out with their home learning packs.

heart Donate some of your old toys to charity.


Can you think of anymore? Be sure to share them at