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Our lives, like the seasons, can change in many ways.


Sometimes, we might like that change. Other times, we might find that change really hard!


Don't panic! change is not scary when you know what to do about it. 

For example, let's think about coronavirus. At first, many people were worried about it. However, now with the help of all the key workers, scientists and hospital staff, we know how to cope with it.

There are some people who are still worried about it, but that is absolutely fine!



Take a look at the Changes document below to learn about: 

  • how things can change 
  • how change might make you feel
  • what to do if change feels bad


Task 1:

  1. Write down some things that have changed about you in the last few weeks, it could be change that you have liked and also change that you might have found hard.
  2. Also write down how you are coping with these changes. Is there someone you are talking to about this? Are you writing or drawing about it? Are you doing something you enjoy doing?


Task 2:

  1. Think back to a time when someone was going through change. It could be when a new child joined your class, when someone moved house or even when someone was happy or sad about something. 

​​​​​      ​​How can you help this person cope with change?