Reevy Hill Primary School

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Living in the Wider World - Rules and Responsibilities

  • What are our class rules?
  • What are our school rules?
  • Why do we have class / schools rules?
  • What should happen if someone breaks the rules?
  • What would happen if people didn’t keep to the rules?
  • Is it ever OK to break a rule?

You are going to be provided with an activity showing different situations. Discuss these with a family member and decide on what you think the three most important rules for each scenario are. Please remember there are no rights or wrongs. You must provide reasons as to why you have chosen these rules. Scenarios include:

  1. Shopping Centre
  2. Swimming Pool
  3. School dining hall
  4. Classroom
  5. School disco
  6. Zoo
  7. Park
  8. One other that the children think of themselves (as an extension)