Reevy Hill Primary School

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What your child will be learning about

  • Developing respect for different types of people
  • Being kind and helping others
  • Listening skills and why they are important

What you can talk about together


  • How am I different from my friends and family?
  • Do I have to like or enjoy the same things as my friends and family?
  • How can I show kindness to other people - in my family and at school?
  • Why is listening carefully important? How can I be a good listener? 

What you can do together

Activity 1 - Same and different

Start with a conversation about the things that makes us the same as our friends and other people in our family and the things that make us different. 

Then make the paper chain friends, following the instructions on the activity sheet below. You'll need some paper for this - you can use scrap paper. 


Then, either writing or just talking, try this:

  1. Think of 3 things that make the paper friends look similar to each other
  2. Think of 3 things that make them look different to each other
  3. Think of 3 things that they have in common with each other but which are not to do with the way they look - e.g. all of them are interested in dinosaurs
  4. Think of 3 things that make them different from each other, but which are not to do with the way they look.

Did you manage to think of three things for each of the four points?