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Buddhism and Responsibility

What is responsibility?

What responsibilities and commitments do you have?

Make a list of any commitments and responsibilities you have, think about what you are responsible for in school or at home? 

For example, Miss. Collinge is responsible for making sure you have good ICT teaching because she leads the subject in school. 


Can you think of what responsibility looks like, sounds like and feels like by adding examples like the ones given on the sheet below. 

Buddhism teaches that as humans we have the opportunity to take responsibility for what we think, do and say to make our lives full of wisdom and love rather than selfishness and greed. 


It is important, that now more than ever, that we take responsibility for our own actions. 


Your task is to think of creative ways to take on the responsibility of spreading kindness and happiness.

To do this you might:

- Create a rainbow and put it in your window

- Write a thoughtful message to someone in a nursing home

- Help around your house


Whatever you do write about it in your book, draw pictures, send us an email or get creative and make something to show everyone when we get back to school.


Be kind, be happy, stay safe smiley