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Stories from the Bible

This week you are going to have a look at a story from the Bible. This story is about Jesus feeding the 5 thousand.

Task 1:

Click on the link to listen to the story of Jesus feeding the 5000 or you can read the story below. 

Task 2

Think carefully about the story and have a go at answering the questions below. 

Task 3

The story about Jesus feeding the 5000 is just one of the many stories in the Bible. Your next task is to find out about another Bible story of your choice.

Have a go at rewriting the story in your own words or you could present your work as a comic strip or storyboard if you enjoy being creative. 


Click on the links below to find out about more Bible stories: 

Challenge yourself

How are your bread making skills?

If you enjoy baking why not have a go at making your own loaf of bread and sharing it with others at home?

Watch the video showing the bread making process and then follow the recipe. 

Don't forget to send in your pictures to