Reevy Hill Primary School

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Reflective surfaces

This week you will be learning all about reflection.


Task 1: Watch the video using the BBC Bitesize link.

Using the video, have a go at writing your own definition of reflection. 

Now you know what reflection is, you're going to help design a new school book bag that helps children keep safe on their journeys to and from school.


Task 2: Using items around your home, have a go at testing materials to check if they are reflective. This will help you decide which material to use for the reflective strips on your book bag. 

Record your findings in a similar way to the sheet below.

If you don't have the materials or a torch to test reflective surfaces, you could think of some materials and use the internet to research whether it is reflective and record your results in the same way. 

Task 3: Using your results from testing a selection of materials, draw and label the design for your new book bag.