Reevy Hill Primary School

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Week 6


Learning Objective: To learn about the life of a Buddhist monk/nun
I Can:
- Understand what monks and nuns are
- Show understanding of the daily life and responsibilities of nuns and monks
- Reflect on the life of a monk and compare it to my life 


Task 1:

Think about the lessons on Buddhism we have studied so far. 

What do you know about this person?

Write as much as you can. 

If you can't think about anything at this moment, write what you can retrieve from the picture. 

What can you see?


What is a Buddhist Monk?



Task 2:

Can you sort the precepts into the ten that all Buddhists should follow and the five that Buddhist monks should follow. 


Once you are happy with your choices. 

Sort them into the task sheet below. 


Lesson 2:


Watch the video below and make notes on the following things...

1. what happens at each time of the day
2. key facts about clothing
- What do they wear
- Why do they wear it/what does it symbolise?
- What colours 
3. new words that you hear about and define them

Task 2:


Create a booklet with the information you have gathered from the video. 

Use this template or one of your own to present your information.


  -  Key vocabulary and definitions

  -  Daily routine

  -  pictures 

  -  any other information that you have found out.  


How to meditate like a Buddhist monk