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The Prince Of Egypt Movie Part 1

Lesson 1-L.O: To explore the importance of Moses in Judaism
Think about our last RE Lesson. Whilst watching the following clip below, I would like you to think about these questions: Who was Moses? How was he born? Why did his mother put him in the River? Who was the Pharaoh? What was the burning bush? What was the 10th Plague? Why did the Israelite people put lambs blood on their door frames?


Watch clip – The prince of Egypt.


Once you've watched the clip, discuss with a family member/guardian what has happened so far. How do you think the mother feels when giving up Moses? Why?



Today you will be focusing on writing a diary entry from Moses's mother when she gives up her baby. You need to include  how you think she may feel. How do you think she feels towards the Pharaoh-his orders? Explore feelings around, feelings, new birth, sacrificing etc.




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Lesson 2: L.O-To explore the importance of Abraham in Judaism


What can you remember from the story of Moses? Firstly, I would like you to write down key events that you can remember from the story. Discuss the events that you have wrote down with a family member/guardian.


Today, you will be looking at the story of Abraham. Abraham was the founder of Judaism and he is a very important person for Jewish people.


Watch the clip above and think about the following questions: How do you think Abraham felt when God told him to leave his home? How do you think  he would have felt moving to a new place? Have you ever moved somewhere new? How did it feel? Both, Sarah and Abraham, showed different emotions at the start of the story and at the end. Compare these feelings and think about how these feelings changed.


Task 1


Hot Seating Activity - With a member of your family/guardian, I would like you to take it in turns and pretend to be Abraham and Sarah whilst the 'Interviewer' asks you questions. After 10 minutes, swap places where you ask questions and your partner answers!


Task 2


Complete the thought bubbles. In each picture you have thought/speech bubbles. You need to write down how Abraham and Sarah would feel/say.

Lesson 3 -L.O: To explore key events in a person's life



I would like you to create your own 'Life Booklet' using A3 Paper. Fold the sheet into 10 equal parts and add the titles that you can see below. In each section I would like you to add how you felt/will feel at each of these different stages. E.g.: For 'Graduating - I will feel proud and happy. I have achieved something that I really wanted. I am going to celebrate my success by throwing a party and inviting all my friends and family!