Reevy Hill Primary School

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Continuing your learning about Buddhism, this week you will be looking at the the most important Buddhist festival - Wesak. 


Use the website link and powerpoint to learn all about the most important festival for Buddhists. 

Make some notes in your lined exercise book. 

Giving to others is an important Buddhist tradition. Buddhists make a special effort to give to people in need at Wesak.

Your second task is to give something to someone in need.

This could include:

- Putting a rainbow in your window to make someone smile

- Phoning a friend to check they are ok

- Helping at home 

- Spreading words of kindness

Don't forget to share your actions with us -


Your last task is to create your own Wesak lantern. Use the instructions to make your own, don't forget to make it bright and colourful. 


If you want to try it a different way, why not draw your lantern in your exercise book and add some patterns.