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Sacred places - Christianity and Buddhism


Learning Objective: To recognise and reflect upon the key features of a Church

Miss. H

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Task 1 

Create a mind map or list of everything you already know about churches.


Here are some questions to help:

What are they used for?

What do they look like?

What's inside a church?

Now watch the video by clicking below. Add more information to your mind map using the information in the video.

Church video your

Task 2Draw and label your own floor plan of a church using the example to help you.


Learning Objective: To recognise the significance of Christian Confirmation

Miss. H

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Task 1 

1. Use the powerpoint to find out what confirmation is and why it is important to Christians.

2. Watch the video to see what a confirmation looks like.

3. Complete your own information sheet to show what you have found out.

Task 2 

Create your own stained glass window that shows the meaning of confirmation using images.

Here are some examples to help you....



Learning Objective: To identify and understand the roles of leaders within a church

Miss. H

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Task 1

What is a leader?


Can you write a list of all the leaders you know in school?

For example, Miss. Porter is the head teacher. 

Using your list of leaders, think about what qualities a leader might have and what their responsibilities might be.

Task 2

Think about a leader in your community, draw this leader and write down all the qualities that you admire. As a challenge you could have a go at writing a letter to your chosen leader, telling them what you admire about them. 

Task 3

Click on each video of a church leader and make notes about their roles and responsibilities.

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Thursday - Complete the Music activities


Learning Objective: To develop an understanding of how churches have adapted to meet the needs of the 21st century.


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Task 1

Look at the two pictures of churches and answer the questions below.

Task 2