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Monday - Special Places


Think about a place that is special to you. A place where you like spending time and feel happy. It could be your bedroom, your garden shed, your nanas house or a secret hidden place in your house that no one knows about. Have a go at the activity below. Draw a picture of your happy place and describe it.



How do you feel when you are in your special place?

What makes it a special place?

How do you look after your special place?

How would you feel if someone came and mistreated your special place?


Monday RE

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Tuesday - A Christians Place of Worship


Christians can pray anywhere but they usually like going to the church to see other people and pray in congregation with other people.


Can you create a mindmap of what you already know about the Christian church? Have a look at my examples to help you get started. 



Watch the video below to find out what the special features of a church are:

Kid's video tour of Offenham church



Your Task:

Use the pictures to write a short paragraph about the key features of the church and what they are used for. Think about what happens in the church and any special occasions that might take place there.



Tuesday RE

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Wednesday- A Jews Place of Worship


Judaism is the religion of Jewish people. Their place of worship is the synagogue.


Task 1 - Watch the video below to find out about Jewish people and their place of worship

What is Judaism? | Religious Studies - My Life, My Religion: Judaism


Task 2 - Read the information below and answer the questions underneath.

Task 3 - Design your own stained glass windows for a Synagogue 


On a blank piece of paper, design your own stained-glass window for a synagogue. Think about what symbols and images are important to Jewish people. Once you’re done, write a sentence about what your stain glass window shows and why you have chosen that design. Have a look at the stained-glass window examples to help you.



Wednesday RE

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Thursday- Design your own places of worship


Task 1

We now know that a Christians place of worship is the church and a Jews place of worship is the synagogue. Can you remember the key features of both places? Make a mind map of what you remember from the previous lessons. If you need to go back and look, please feel free to do so. Have a look at my examples to help you get started.



Task 2


Design your own synagogue for Jewish people!

Think about why people go to the synagogue and what features you might need inside. Draw pictures and add captions of your features.