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Christianity and Sikhism


This week in curriculum is RE. We will be learning more about Christianity and Sikhism.



To look at examples of unconditional love for God and the neighbour (others)

Monday's input

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Task: Read about Mother Teresa and answer the questions.



To explore the advantages of meditation and reflection and to discover how this is practised in the Sikh community

Tuesday's input 1

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Input: Read the information in the 'Sikh meditation background information' document to find out about how meditation is practised in the Sikh community. 

Task 1: Watch the video below and have a go at meditating.

Learn a special way of taking time out for yourself so that you can feel calmer and happier whenever you need to.

Tuesday's input 2

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Task 2: Think of words to describe someone you admire (adjectives)– perhaps a religious leader or a sporting personality. Brainstorm and record your words.

Task 3: Complete the 'Thinking about God' activity.



To understand the principles of right and wrong within the Christian faith

Input: Learn about the Beatitudes in the document below.

The Beatitudes (Matthew 5:1-12) are a list of blessings from God.


Task 1: Complete the blessings activity.

Task 2: Complete the 'Beatitudes illustration activity'.



To explore how charity is practised and expressed within the Sikh community, especially through the Langar

Thursday's input

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The langar, or free food kitchen, is a community act of service, or 'seva' for Sikhs.


Input: Read through the 'Langar background information' and watch the video below to find out more about the Langar.

Task 1: Think about the following:

Think of a time when you shared something that belonged to you with someone else. What was it and who did you share it with?

Write down the importance of sharing.

Task 2: Complete the 'sharing' activity.