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RE - Buddhism


LO: To explore the Buddha’s first sermon – the Noble Eightfold Path


Use the lesson to read about the eightfold path.

Once you have read the information. Complete the activity below.





LO: To explore the Buddha’s first sermon – the 4 Noble Truths


Use the lesson to read about the 4 noble truths.

Watch the video and complete the activities. There are additional activities in the links below.

Task 1:

Using what you have learnt so far about the eightfold path. Can you sort these experiences into Buddhist do’s and don’ts?

Which ones does the eightfold path encourage Buddhists to do and which ones are they not to do?

Draw yourself and table and sort the statements into Do's and Dont's



Task 2:

For each of the ‘do’s’ that you have coloured in, have a think about the ones that affect you. Think about when you might have experienced a part of the eightfold path.

For example, when might you have needed to be a good listener?

Choose at least 3 and write a little about what you did.


LO: To identify and understand the significance of important Buddhist sites.


On the map below, you will see the eight important places that Buddhist’s may go on a pilgrimage.

A pilgrimage is a special journey.





Your task is to create an information sheet about the eight places of pilgrimage. Make sure you include why they are important and where they are located.

You can use the template below to help you or choose another way to present your information. You could draw pictures of the sights and write next to them what happened there.