Reevy Hill Primary School

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Week 2
Learning Objective: to understand the meaning of commitment.
I can:
    -    Explore the commitments in my own life. 
    -    Recognise religious commitments of others. 

Activity 1:

Answer these questions about yourself. 

Make a list. 

Activity 2:

Here is the definition of commitment. 

Have a go at learning the gestures to remember what it means. 

Activity 3:

Think about commitments that you have in your life. 

Maybe at home or at school. 

Are you part of a team / club that you have to commit to?


In what ways do you have to commit?

Is there anything that, at times, you may have to sacrifice to follow that commitment?

e.g. are you committed to attending football training at 9am every Saturday morning which would mean you would not be able to attend another club?


Write in as much detail as you can about your commitments.

Activity 4:

Watch the video below about the life of a Buddhist.

Make a list of the commitments that he makes to his faith.