Reevy Hill Primary School

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"Books are a uniquely portable magic!"


Hope you have continued to share the magic and mystery of the books you have been reading. 


Why not share a chapter or 2 with us. Record yourself reading your favourite book and send it to us and then we can share it with the rest of the class!



15 minute starter:


Week 2: The Boy at the Back of the Class



Task 2:

Read the text...


Task 3:

Now answer these questions into your work books.




Week 2:


This week, lets continue to practise our retrieval and inference skills. 


Watch the video clip Caterpillar Shoes carefully, then see if you can answer the questions!


If you can't print the sheets or pictures, don't worry!

Complete the task into your work book.

Draw your own caterpillar and butterfly.

But don't forget, he needs some new shoes!


Send your designs to us too! 


Can't wait to see them!


Happy Reading! smiley






Caterpillar Shoes