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Explore the Magic!


Hope you are still managing to explore the wonderful world of a good book. Please keep sharing them with us. 


This week when telling us about the books you have read, why not try and convince someone else to read it using your persuasion skills. 


15 minute starter: 


Week 4: The House with Chicken Legs



Task 1: 

Read the text...


Task 2: 

Answer the questions...


Week 4:


Read the extract from the book...

Answer the questions into your work books.




Have a play around with the title of this book. 

Can you design your own 'house' or another building and give it features you wouldn't normally associate with that object. 

e.g. a house having legs.


Can you draw your building /object and label it with the new feature.

Can you write a short explanation as to why you have chosen the new feature. 


e.g. I would give my house ears so i could always listen to what was happening outside. 


What else can you tell me about your new building / house / object?


Don't forget to send your designs to


Be imaginative!!!


Happy designing! smiley