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'Just Listen' at home!



Year 5 loved 'Just Listen' time in school. We did this everyday, after dinner time, reading our favourite chosen class book. Now you are at home, why not make sure that you have your own 'Just Listen' time every day? 5 minutes...10 minutes...or even get stuck in to a book for most of the day! Read it to yourself, read it to your family or even ask to be read to you. 

Once you have read a book, why don't you REVIEW it?


 What are the main events in the story?

 What is your favourite part?

 What are the characters like? 

 What star rating would you give it?


Try convincing someone else to read it by recommending it to all of your family and friends!



Don't forget to let us know about all of the adventures you are reading about!




Week 1 - Reading Comprehension



Now why don't you try drawing your own delicious chocolate? Can you label it with the ingredients that you would include?



Week 1 - Free Book Reading


Oliver Jeffers reads 'The Incredible Book Eating Boy'

Week 1 - Class Book Activities


Billionaire Boy by David Walliams


We LOVED reading Billionaire Boy by David Walliams in class before we closed! To carry on the fun and excitement of Joe Spud's world, here are some activities that you can do at home. 


If you need a reminder of what Billionaire Boy was about, click the link to read the plot or watch the theatre production trailer below...


Billionaire Boy | Trailer

Week 1 - Picture of the Week - Questions





Why do you think the man practices his magic using chairs?

What other magic do you think the man possesses?

Why do you think he is in a field?

What do you think his home is like?

If you could perform magic, what power/ability would you most like to have?




Don't forget to share all of your fantastic work using the year group email address: