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Create A Comic Strip!



A comic is a fun and entertaining way to capture a story in both words and pictures. Common forms of comics include comic books, newspaper cartoons, graphic novels and comic strips. 

Why don't you have a go at making a comic strip based on a book that you have read?

You can base the plot on a book you have read recently or on your favourite story of all time! You could also have a go at making one for your own version of 'The Nowhere Emporium'.


To create a comic strip, you should:

1. Think about your plot and characters. You could mind map this first to gather ideas.

2. Make a list of the main events in the story. This will become the 'scenes' for your comic strip.

3. Explore the links below to learn how you bring your comic strip together.

4. Have fun creating your comic!


Below are some links that you can use to help you. You do not need to print anything - just draw it straight into your writing book!


If you don't feel like drawing, there is also an online comic strip creator you can use!


Don't forget to let us know about all of the fabulous adventures you are having at home!

Week 3 - Reading Comprehension


Week 3 - Book Activities


Gangsta Granny by David Walliams



Does your granny feed you cabbage, cabbage and MORE cabbage? Or is your granny a secret 'gangsta'? Jump into the fun and exciting world of Ben and his Granny and have a go at some of the activities below! 


If you need a reminder of what Gangsta Granny is about, click the link to read the plot or watch the trailer below...

Week 3 - Picture of the Week - Questions


Secret Magic



Bella had always been different from the other children at school. They looked at her strangely, and she would often hear them whispering about her when they thought she wasn’t there. Sometimes they whispered about her even when they knew she was listening.

Every evening when Bella returned home, her real life began. The everyday worries of school and other children were banished from her mind. Bella had another life. A life that was secret. A life that was magical.

As she clambered over the rooftops, with her trusted and faithful companion, she could feel the magic coursing through her body. It warmed her, like the glowing embers of a comforting fire.

All of a sudden she felt alive. Tonight was going to be a night to remember…


Where are Bella and her companion going?

What does ‘companion’ mean?

Who is Bella’s companion?

Do you think Bella’s cat is a ‘normal’ animal?

What are Bella’s magical powers?

Where is she going?

Do you think her family know about her powers?

If you were Bella, how would you use your magical powers?

Why is she walking along rooftops?


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