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Nowhere Emporium

Create your own 'Room of Wonder'



The Year 5's have been exploring the book 'The Nowhere Emporium' in English this half term. We have LOVED reading about the shop that appears from nowhere, where visitors have no memory of ever entering and where their wildest dreams and 'rooms of wonder' come to life!


"When the mysterious Nowhere Emporium arrives in Glasgow, orphan Daniel Holmes stumbles upon it quite by accident. Before long, the 'shop from nowhere' -- and its owner, Mr Silver -- draw Daniel into a breathtaking world of magic and enchantment. Recruited as Mr Silver's apprentice, Daniel learns the secrets of the Emporium's vast labyrinth of passageways and rooms -- rooms that contain wonders beyond anything Daniel has ever imagined."


Imagine you are Daniel. You are now Mr Silver's apprentice and must show your magical talent by creating your own 'Room of Wonder'. This can be anything you want it to be! Make it magical, exciting, mysterious, adventurous or even spooky! Draw it, sketch it, label it, write about it or even try to make it using a shoe box, card and junk materials. You could even draw a map of it!


See below for examples:

Week 4 - Reading Comprehension


Week 4 - Book Activities


Gangsta Granny by David Walliams




Continued....Does your granny feed you cabbage, cabbage and MORE cabbage? Or is your granny a secret 'gangsta'? Jump into the fun and exciting world of Ben and his Granny and have a go at some more of the activities below! 


If you need a reminder of what Gangsta Granny is about, click the link to read the plot or watch the trailer below...

Week 4 - Picture of the Week - Questions



They had always been together, for as long as he could remember. They had always been the best of friends. She had taught him everything he knew, relentlessly preparing him for life in the outside world.

This was the moment they had both been waiting for…


How did their friendship start?

Where do you think they met?

Why have they become such close friends?

What do you think the girl has taught the giraffe?

What has she been preparing him for?

Where do you think she is leading him?

How do you think they are both feeling?



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