Reevy Hill Primary School

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Activity 1 -

Read the text and write down 5 things that happened in the story.



Activity 2 -

Can you answer the questions below?


1) Look at the first paragraph. Find and copy one word that means coming back.

2) Where had the solider been before he met the witch?

3) What does the solider need to do to find the entrance?

4) Write down 2 things that were in the bedroom.

5) What does the solider need to do to keep himself safe?

6) Write number 1-4 next to these sentences to put the events into the correct order as they appear in the story: 

  • The solider lands in the great hall.
  • The witch tells the soldier what to bring back.
  • The witch explains what the solider needs.
  • The witch gives the solider the apron.

7) How does the author make the dog sound scary?

8) What do you think the solider will do when he gets into the first room? Use the text to help you answer.

Challenge - Can you think of 2 of your own questions for a family member to answer?


Activity 3 -

Noun Detectives! 

Can you make a list of all of the nouns in the text?

Use the prompts below to remind you what nouns are.


I'll get you started:








Challenge - Can you pick 8 nouns from your list and change them nouns into expanded noun phrases? I know how good you all are at doing this!


Brave, caring solider