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Be a 'Film Critic'!



I am sure you all like watching a good movie...I know I do! After you have watched a new film, try telling someone else all about it. Convince them to watch it by giving it an interesting and exciting summary.

Once you have summarised it to someone else, why don't you REVIEW it?


 What is the plot of the film?

 What is your favourite part?

 What are the characters like? 

 How could it be even better?

What star rating would you give it?


Don't forget to let us know about all of the magical adventures you are having at home!



Week 2 - Reading Comprehension


Now why don't you carry out your own research about William Shakespeare? Can you find any interesting facts about him? How many plays did he write and what was his most famous one? 

This week's writing task is to create a biography...William Shakespeare would be the perfect person to write about if you are stuck for ideas!



Week 2 - Free Book Reading


Joanna Nadin reads 'Penny Dreadful and the World Record Part 1 and 2'

Week 2 - Class Book Activities


Billionaire Boy by David Walliams


We hope that you enjoyed completing the 'Billionaire Boy' activities that were on the 'Week 1 reading' page. If you haven't checked these out yet, why don't you head over to 'Week 1 reading' and have a go! This week, we have gathered even more brilliant Billionaire Boy activities that you can do at home!


If you need another reminder of what Billionaire Boy was about, click the link to read the plot or watch the theatre production trailer below...

Billionaire Boy | Trailer

Week 2 - Picture of the Week - Questions





What do you think will happen next?

Which other animals will come to life?

How will Toby react to the situation?

What might the paintings depict in the other rooms around the gallery?

Might this have happened before in the gallery?


If you could paint a picture of anything, knowing it would come alive, what would you paint?


Don't forget to share all of your fantastic work using the year group email address: