Reevy Hill Primary School

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What have you been reading?



This week is all about the book that you have been reading at home. Please choose two of the activities below and complete them in your writing books :)


Design a new front cover for your book

I know how amazing you all are at designing! Can you create a new front cover for the book that you have been reading? Remember, a front cover needs a big, bold title, the authors name and some pictures. Make it as colourful and eye catching as you can! yes



Word Detectives!

Close your eyes and open you book at any page. Can you read the page again and make a list of all of the different types of words you come across. Use the prompt below to remind you of what some of these words are.



Write a book review
Write a book review for a friend telling them about the book that you have just finished reading. Use the questions below to help you with your review. Lets see how many book recommendations you can get for your book! laugh