Reevy Hill Primary School

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Lesson 1

Read the text. Tell a family member 5 things that you remember about the Victorian Academy.



Lesson 2

Now have a go at answering these questions. Write the answers into your writing books.


  1. What is a persuasive text?
  2. Look at the first paagraph. Find and copy one word that means hard.
  3. Regular use of the cane… What does the word regular mean?
  4. Where can parents no longer send their children?
  5. What were ‘the three D’s’?
  6. What migth the children learn in topic?
  7. Look at the last paragraph. What do you think jobs in Victorian Britian were like?
  8. What did the childrne learn in English?
  9. What were the teachers like? Why were they picked for the job?
  10. Why do they have high set windows in their classrooms?


 Lesson 3 

Imagine you have the chance to interview the headteacher of this amazing school! What kind of questions would you like to ask him/her?

Make a list of all your questions. I'll help you get started:


1. Do children enjoy coming to your school?

2. What do the children have for lunch?

3. Do you have any games in the playground for the children to play with at lunchtime?

4. Are all your teachers strict or do you have some teachers that are kind?



Lesson 4

Can you do some of your own research about what life was like in a Victorian Academy?  Use the internet to find out some interesting facts and see if you can persuade one of your friends to go there!