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The Big Friendly Giant


This week we are looking at The BFG! I know lots of you enjoy this movie! laughWatch part 1 and then have a go at answering the questions below. You may need to rewind back at times to check for the answer.



One dark night, an orphan named Sophie is snatched from her bed by a giant, and whisked away to another world. Fortunately, her abductor is the Big Friendly Giant, a very likable giant who spends his time giving good dreams to children.

The BFG Part 1

Question Time


1) Sophie lives in an orphanage. What is an orphanage? 

2) What do you think might have happened to Sophie's parents when she was younger?

3) Do you think the orphanage is a nice place for the children? Why/why not?

4) Sophie opened her curtains and then shut them. After a few seconds, she reopened her curtains. Why?

5) Why can you only see the giants feet and his suitcase when he is walking in the city?

6) Can you think of some adjectives to describe how Sophie felt when the giant walked towards the orphanage?

7) What did the giant do with the green potion? Why?

8) What might Sophie be thinking when she is being carried around in the giants hand? Can you use speech to show what she might be thinking?

e.g. "Oh no! Where is he taking me?" wondered Sophie as she wiped a tear from her face.

9) Where does the giant live? Can you think of some sentences to describe the giant? Try to use as many adjectives and expanded noun phrases as you can.

10) What is the first thing that the giant says to Sophie?


What happens next?

Can you predict what will happen next? Write your prediction in your book and then watch part 2 to see if you were right.


Design your own dormitory 


A dormitory is the large room at the start of the clip where Sohpie and the other orphans sleep.  Can you remember what Sophie's dormitory looks like? 


On an A4 paper, can you design a brand new dormitory for Sophie and the other orphans?

Think about what would make it a happy place.