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Horrid Henry


 I know how much our year 3s love Henry so here is a great Horrid Henry book to get stuck into! Enjoy!


Lesson 1 -

What do you already know about Henry?


Make a bullet point list of what you already know about the character Henry.

Here are some ideas to help you get thinking:


 Does he have any siblings? How many?

 Who does he live with?

Does he have any pets? What are they called?

 Who are his friends names?

What are Henrys hobbies?

 Why is he called 'Horrid' Henry?



Lesson 2 - Reading 


You can read this book online. Just click on the link below to open up the PDF file. There are 4 different stories in this book but I would like us to focus on the first story called 'Horrid Henry Read a Book' on pages 6 - 14. 

Lesson 3 - Dictionary Detectives!


Here are some words from the text. Use the online dictionary linked below to find out the meaning of the word and write the definition in your own words. Then have a go at using the word in a sentence. 


Online dictionary 



Munching - When you chew the food that you are eating loudly. 

At lunchtime, Henry was munching on a packet of crisps. 







Lesson 4 - Question Time


Today we will be answering questions about the book. You will need to open the book using the PDF file so that you can find the answers in the text.


1) What was Henry drawing in his book at the start of the story when Miss Battle-Axe was teaching the class?

2) How many weeks did the children have to read for the reading competition?

3) What was the prize for the reading competition? 

4) How did Henry feel when Miss Battle-Axe revealed what the prize would be? 

5) Go to page 7. How does Henry feel about reading?

6)  What kind of competitions does Henry feel he would be good at?

7) Henry had a plan: 

'Aha! The room was full of books. He’d just copy down lots of titles. Phew. Easy-peasy.' 

Why did he realise this would not work?

8) What did henry do when he went into Peters bedroom? 

9) How many books did Henry manage to read?

10) What was the last thing Henry said on page 13? What does this tell you about how he was feeling?


Lesson 5 - Design a Front Cover


The story we have been reading is called 'Horrid Henry Reads a Book'.

Could you design a front cover for this story?