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The Magical World of Books!



Just Listen...


I'm sure we are all missing our just listen time, and those books that we are half way through. I know we are!


PLEASE do not let that stop! can you have just listen time at home?

Choose a time each day where someone in your house reads to everyone else. 


make up a story and tell it to everyone else...


Escape down the rabbit hole, take a visit to Narnia, why not visit Mr Wonka's Chocolate Factory...


Where ever the story takes you, don't forget to let us know!


Happy Reading! smiley



15 minute starter:


If like us you want to read as many books as a possible at a time but struggle to finish them all. Sometimes reading a small section of the book can help you decide if the book is for you or not. 


Use these 15 minute activities to read a small part of lot's of different books. 

BUT remember, 15 minutes only!!


Week 1: The Nowhere Emporium 




Task 1:

Use the front cover to make a prediction about what the book is about. Remember to justify your opinion with evidence. 



I think that...

I think this because...

The reason for this is...

It suggests that...


Task 2:

Read the text...


Task 3:

Now answer these questions into your work books.




Week 1:

Write a REVIEW!


Some of the best books we have read are ones that have been recommended by our friends and family. 


What we ask... once you have read a fantastic book, REVIEW IT!


Things to think about...

 A summary of what happened in the story - No Spoilers!!

 Who were the main characters?

 What was your favourite part?

 Did you feel sorry for or excited for any of the characters at certain points?

 Can you draw a picture of our favourite part in the story?



See how many of us can recommend a book to someone else!