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Reception Gallery - During School Closure 2020

We hope these pictures and updates

 make you SMILE Reception!


Jayden has got two new kittens who are keeping him busy whilst he is at home! They are called Luna and Onyx :-)

Bobby has had a new hair cut by his mummy and he is happy with it :) He has also been busy making and decorating his own bunting for the VE garden party that is happening this Friday- 8th May! Are you going to be having a garden party? Maybe you can send in pictures of the bunting you have made.

Meyla has been very busy! She collected twigs from her weeping willow tree in the garden and then worked with her mum to make them into a wicker heart. She has also been busy making VE Day bunting which she is giving to her next door neightbour to take to the care home she works at for the party they are having on Friday. Well done Meyla,what a superstar!

Harper has been having a well earned pamper with a face mask, and then tried her hand at making her own perfume! Great idea!

Jake has been busy baking buns with his family, and also creating a family tree. See the family tree icon under the activities for more information....can you do your own??

Daisy has been working hard on her addition sums and has baked some delicious chocolate buns!

Akim has been busy this weekend making his own garden chair using wooden pallets with his family! I love your new chair Akim! :)

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Lolah has been experimenting with colours and made a chocolate fudge cake in the slow cooker. We have asked her mum to send us the recipe so we can have a go at doing this too!

Sarah has been very busy, baking, riding her bike and doing some maths work.

Akim has been doing his own fitness workout in his garden and practising some football skills! :)

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Bobby has had a fun filled weekend with his family! He camped out in his garden with his Daddy and then enjoyed playing in his paddling pool in the sunshine! :)

Cobie has been having lots of fun at home with his family! He loves playing with his lego and wants to let you all know that he is missing all his friends and teachers!

Alisha has been making buns, playing snake and ladders and connect 4 with her brother and having lots of fun on her scooter when doing her daily exercise!

Akim has been doing some DIY during the lockdown and made his own house in the garden using different pieces of wood and real tools! :) He has also been doing lots of Maths works with his Mummy and has been enjoying playing with his brother! Well done Akim, keep up the hard work!

Bobby has had a lovely few weeks exploring the woods with his family. He's also been to the park to feed the ducks.

TikTok has become extremely popular during lockdown and Bobby wanted to share his TikTok with his friends! :) Why not have some fun and do one yourself?Maybe the teachers could do one too!

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Averie helped her dad film this video as she planted her own veg - what a star! Check the video out!

this is a series of videos to help with ideas for activities for your family at home especially during the school closures and lockdown

Noah and Nathan have been busy doing lots of creative things with their Mum and sisters. They did some baking over the weekend, your cake and buns look delicious!

Happy 5th Birthday Sarah! Sarah celebrated her birthday this Easter weekend and got a very special Unicorn cake. It looks like you have a brilliant birthday party at home Sarah with your family and we all know how much you LOVE birthday parties!

Freddie and Lucas have been very busy! They have been baking biscuits, painting a huge rainbow for their windows, finding new routes for their daily bike rides and even enjoying breakfast in bed on a weekend! They are missing all their friends and cant wait to see everyone.

Kiara has been working hard practising her hand writing and her sums! Well done!

Meyla made her own jungle scene and was then able to put her pet snake in to try it out! How amazing, I hope the snake liked it!

Nevaeh's mum bought her a whiteboard so she could pretend she was the teacher at home! Nevaeh has enjoyed writing out her spellings and phoincs sounds on her whiteboard.

Tyler has been so busy .... baking, building with lego and also keeping up his phonics and number work, What a star!

Harper has kept busy with some number work and an outdoors scavenger hunt.

Happy Easter Reception! Lexi has been busy making Easter cards and other Easter crafts with her family and doing some roller skating in her garden in the sunshine!

Averie has bene super busy this weekend, making daisy chains, camping in the garden and making bird feeders. She was also able to master riding her bike without stabilizers ....well done Averie we are very proud of you!

Florence and Arabella have been dressing up as their favourite characters.....look at those smiles :-)

Bobby and his Mummy went on a bear scavenger hunt around their local park today. Bobby has also been FaceTiming his family and friends and telling them about what he has been doing to keep busy and safe at home.

Lillia used the Oxford Reading link from our website to read some of the Biff, Chip & Kipper e-books on her tablet!

Jack has been having lots of fun gardening, baking and making rainbows for the windows!

Laney has been very creative making some fantastic pictures and jewellery. She has also been practising her Tik Tok dances. We can't wait to see the finished videos...:-)

Lexi has been working hard on her home learning :-)

Lillia has been using the interactive Maths links and playing the games on her TV! Lillia and her Mum also made and played a number ordering game! Keep up the fantastic work!

Jayden has been busy doing some fantastic Maths work - keep up the good work Jayden!

Alisha has had lots of fun baking a banana cake, solving puzzles and completing some of her home learning book this week with her family!

Logan has been playing some reading games and practicing his blending with his mum to keep him busy, and says he misses all of his friends.

Harris has had a busy week baking with his siter and brother, doing the Joe Wicks workout in the morning and doing his home learning activities! Well done Harris, keep up the hard work! :)

Sarah has been busy baking ..... they look delicious!

Miss Calcott has been going on big dog walks with Bea everyday! Bea has enjoyed swimming in the dams and then sunbathing once she gets home!

Harper used marbles to do some amazing Maths work in the garden and had fun taking part in Joe Wicks PE lessons with her brothers!

Mrs Flaherty and her family have been busy this week, they have enjoyed daily dog walks with Rosie and walking upto the top of the hill to see what they can spot below.

Jude has been completing some of his challenges....impressive drawing skills and Maths and we love your cool shades!

Theo and Louie, Mrs Flaherty's sons, have enjoyed playing on the trampoline and football in the sunshine, and Louie loves playing memory games! This one is, I went to the supermarket and bought...

Meyla has been making the most of the nice weather ... experimenting with balls and water! She also completed an outdoors scavenger hunt - great idea!

Averie has been practising her phonics on one of theweb sites we use at school - Phonics play. Great work and we love your hair!

Mylo has been working hard in a morning and spending his afternoons in his garden. Great Maths work Mylo!

Sarah has been designing some fabulous patterns in the garden with her sister and enjoyed exploring in the woods!

Bobby has been extremely busy at home with his family this week. He made a rainbow for his window, has been doing some excellent Maths and Reading work and has been using his scooter when going out for his daily exercise!

Lolah and her brothers enjoyed making a rainbow for their window

Noah and Nathan have been doing lots of fun learning at home and send a message to their friends that they miss you very much!

Cobie has been working hard during the week off and did some Maths work in his learning book with his Mum

Andrej set up his own shop in his bedroom today, he enjoyed selling and pretending to be the cashier with his Mum! He has also been doing lots of reading and Maths home learning! Well done Andrej!