Reevy Hill Primary School

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This week's Science is about absorbent (soaks up water) and waterproof (water doesn't soak in it runs off) materias.


Task 1 - watch the video about absorbent materials then complete the worksheet by testing objects from your house. If you don't have the ones in the video you can choose some others.

Task 2 complete the table in the sheet of absorbent materials using what you learnt in task 1 plus any more you can find in the house. You don't have to cut and stick you can just draw them on a page in your book with the headings absorbent/ non absorbent.

Task 4 - watch the video then complete the table (water/ not waterproof) with what you have learnt. Can you find any waterproof/ non waterproof things in your house to record as well?
Task 5 - read the message from Ted - can you make a waterproof (small) umbrella for him or one of your soft toys with some materials you have at home? Remember to send us some pictures of your finished umbrella!