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This week we will be learning about electricity in science.


Starter task - key vocabulary

Read the two electricity word mats below and learn the key words as much as you can.

Use the key words in your following tasks.


Monday - mains or battery (electricity hunt)

Watch the video on the BBC Bitesize link below to learn about mains power.

Mains power and the dangers of electricity - KS2 Science - BBC Bitesize


Look around your house at electrical appliances such as the microwave, TV, remote etc. (with parents permission) and write whether the appliance uses mains, battery or both. 

Use the sheet below to help you layout your table in your book.

You can also play a fun game about 'mains or battery' on the following link:

Mains or Cell Electricity (battery)? Year 4 - Whack-a-mole (


Tuesday - identify complete and incomplete circuits

Watch the video below to learn about circuits and then complete the 3 activities below. You can view the activities more clearly on the pdf document.


Isobelle demonstrating how to make a complete circuit.

Still image for this video
Isobelle has wonderfully demostrated how to make a bulb light up.


Wednesday - identify and sort materials into electrical conductors or insulators

You may already know about insulators and conductors from watching the previous tasks video.


Watch the videos below to learn more about electrical conductors and insulators. Then complete the activities below (click on the pdf document).

Electrical Conductors and Insulators 1

Electrical conductors and insulators 2

Thursday - explain how a switch works and why they are needed