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Our science topic for the half term is....



Lesson 1 -  What is in our Solar System? 


Your challenge over the two weeks is to develop an information booklet that can be used to tell people all about our Solar System (it might even come in handy if there really are any 'aliens' out there!)


Task 1: Write down any questions that you have or that you want to find out about our solar system. You can come back to these throughout the next two weeks and include them in your booklet.


Your next challenge is to learn the names of the planets within our solar system, as well as the order in which they occur (starting from our Sun).

Watch the video using the link below...

Task 2: You need to remember the names and order of the planets in the solar system. Can you make a mnemonic to remember them?


Remember...a mnemonic is a way of remembering key information. For planets, we take the first letter of each planet name and use a different word instead. How funny can you make yours? The funnier they are, the easier they are to remember!! Take a look below for an example...




Lesson 2 - How BIG are the planets...and what is the Sun?


Have you ever wondered how big the planets are? We can get an idea of the 'relative' size of planets using objects around the house...



This shows the size of planets compared to each other. This does not show how big they are to scale or in real life, it just how their size compares to other planets in the Solar System. 


Watch the video below to find out more...

The video below can show us the actual size of the different planets...

Remember...this does not show the order of the planets, just the order of size.

But what about the Sun? What is it....and is it even a planet at all?



In actual fact, the sun is.....

a star


The sun is not a planet , but it has the largest mass in our solar system, which is why the planets all orbit it.


Task 1: Explore the video below to find out more about the sun. Make notes using bullet points OR create a mind map to include as much information about the sun as you can...




Lesson 3 - Make a model Solar System or planet poster!


Now you know about the order of the planets from the sun, and the size compared to each other, have a go at creating your own model of the Solar System. If you do not have the equipment, you can create a poster or information leaflet about one of the planets in the Solar System using the pictures below.


Making a model Solar System:

Please note: You do not need coloured card. If you have pencils or felt tips, you could just colour in some blank paper instead!

OR...instead of sticking the  planets down (and if you have some string), why don't you try turning it into a hanging Solar System?

Planet pictures and information:

(Just click the planet you would like to find out about and scroll down to the information below the 3D picture)