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This week you will be continuing your work on evolution. 




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Learning objective: To recognise that living things change over time and that fossils provide information about living things that inhabited Earth millions of years ago.


In this lesson you will be learning all about fossils. By the end of the lesson you should be able to explain what a fossil is and how it is formed.


Task 1

Read the text about fossils and then use your knowledge to answer the questions.

Task 2

Watch the video and visit the BBC Bitesize page to find out hoe fossils are formed. Make some notes to help you with the next task.


Fossils and the evolution of life on Earth | Biology - Evolutionwatch

Task 3

Can you correctly order the process of fossilisation? You could have a go at drawing your own diagrams to show what happens at each stage.



Miss. H Teaching

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Task 1

Can you match the dinosaur with its fossil?



Similarities Differences













Miss. H teaching

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Today you are going to carry out your own research about Mary Anning. Use the powerpoint slides and the video to create your own significant individual fact sheet.


Thursday - Follow the PSHCE section today


Geological timescale


Use the sheet attached to look at lots of different fossils. Use the information to work out which geological period each fossil came from.