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Exploring the heart and the blood with Miss Collinge

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The Circulatory System 


This week we are going to continue our learning about the circulatory system including the heart and the blood


Tuesday - Lesson 1


Click the PDF link below to access more information and answer some questions to test your knowledge. 

Wednesday - Lesson 2


How much of the heart can you remember from last week?


Draw or print your own copy of the heart, then label the heart using the key words below.


Key words:

  • vena cava
  • right ventricle
  • right atrium
  • pulmonary artery
  • pulmonary vein
  • left ventricle 
  • left atrium 
  • aorta


Email Miss Collinge to check your answers. 

The Heart

Friday - Lesson 3

Read through this power-power to learn more. 


Identify, name and understand the functions of the blood

Watch the video about the journey of the RED BLOOD CELL

Operation Ouch - Blood Vessels | Science for Kids

Task: Use the video and the story below to create a story map of the RED BLOOD CELL