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Year 3 Science: Sun Safety - Tuesday 2nd June

Year 3 Science: Sun SafetyTuesday 2nd June 2020Summer Term Week 6#OckbrookAtHomePresentation used by kind permission of the wonderful Twinkl - check them out...

What is our main light source – the sun. What are the benefits? What do you think can be harmful about the sun? Make a mind map of all your ideas.


UV Light: Use the Lesson Presentation to discuss UV light. Explain to a family member what it is and its effects.


Task 1


The Sun: Hero or Villain? Read the statements about the sun on the Lesson Presentation. Sort the statements according to whether they are beneficial or dangerous by moving around the classroom to stand under either the ‘Hero’ sign or the ‘Villain’ sign


Task 2


‘Seeing’ UV Light: Set up a simple investigation into the effects of UV light. You should place card shapes onto coloured paper, then position the paper in sunlight for a week. When you come back to it, the paper around the shapes will have lightened, showing the effects of UV. 


The Eye: Explain the function of the pupil and the retina using the Lesson Presentation. Look at their pupil in a mirror, then to close their eyes for 30 seconds. You should then open your eyes to see that the light quickly makes your pupil smaller.


Damage: Discuss the damaging effect of bright lights with a family member. Emphasise the importance of never looking directly at the sun, or other bright lights.


Protecting Your Eyes: How they think we can protect our eyes from damage from the Sun. Explain ways to keep our eyes safe using the Lesson Presentation.


Task 3


Design Your Own: You should use your knowledge of the Sun and ways to protect our eyes to design a pair of sunglasses or a sun hat using the Sun Safety Design Activity Sheet.