Reevy Hill Primary School

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Topic- Material – Thermal Conductor and Insulator

This week in science we will be carrying an experiment to compare and group together everyday materials based on their conductivity of heat.

Safety- Only carry out the experiment with an adult.

Watch the video below on heat and insulation.

Task 2

Research the meaning of these words:

1. Thermal Conductor

2. Thermal Insulator

Experiment- Comparative test – Which cups let through the most heat?

Task 3

Step 1

Select a variety of cups made from different materials. For example: plastic, paper, ceramic, enamel and glass.  Use what you have at home.


Step 2

Fill the cups with warm water (no warmer than 60 degrees Celsius).  This step is to be done by an adult.


Step 3

Use a thermometer to measure   the temperature of the water in each of the cups over time (10 minutes intervals).


Step 4

Recording- Draw your own line graph; a line for each of the cups. Your line graph should show temperature and time on the axis.


Step 5

Answer the questions you started off with - Which cups let through the most heat?