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Message from Zinnia


Calling Earthlings! Calling Earthlings! Ahhh! At last there seems to be someone there! Hello Earthlings! I have been trying to contact someone on your planet for yargons. I can see you but I do not think you can see me! Now I’d better be quick because communication windows are very short. I don’t have long to explain and I need your help. My name is Zinnia and I come from a very distant planet called Dock 5. We have been watching you on Earth for a long time. We have learnt your languages and love your primitive technology. We have discovered how much Earthlings like to travel and want to set up an Earthling Hotel on our planet so that in the future, human beings will be able to visit us. We have been studying the kinds of food that you eat and realise that your food mostly comes from strange, green life forms called plants. Is that correct? Good.

So here’s the problem. Dock 5 is much too far away to get deliveries of Earthling plant foods for humans to eat at our hotel. We will need to grow our own Earthling food supplies. That is where we need your help. We do not know how to grow Earthling food. We need you to find out exactly what plants need to grow strong and healthy so we can set up our own Earthling food farm on Dock 5. Is that something you could research for us?

Could you please start by letting me know all about the different parts of a flowering plant! Great. Thank you!