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Famous scientists and their inventions


Alexander Graham Bell


Alexander Graham Bell was a Scottish scientist and inventor. His most famous invention was the first telephone.


This week you will find out about his life and his inventions.



Task 1:

Look through the 'All about Alexander Graham Bell' Pdf below to find out about who Alexander Graham Bell was and what he invented.


Task 2:

Using the website links below and the pdf document above, research three of these seven key areas about Alexander Graham Bell and make notes on these:

  1. Early life
  2. First Invention
  3. Work with Deaf People
  4. Work with Sound
  5. The Telephone
  6. Controversy
  7. His Legacy



Using your notes of the three areas, create a poster.



You can create your poster in the book provided or use the 'Poster Activity Sheet' below to create your poster.

Draw Alexander Graham Bell's face in the centre of the poster and his body underneath. 

Write your notes all around his body.


Use these websites to carry out your research about Alexander Graham Bell.