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The Human Body - Skeleton

If you were going to create a new class member...what body parts would the new child need? Can you sketch a quick outline of what you think the new member of the class will need? I hope you've got a SKELETON added to your drawing!!!

Why do we need a skeleton?

If we didn't have a skeleton , we wouldn't be able to support our bodies and we would be all floppy!

But what else does our skeleton allow us to do?

Our skeleton gives us a shape and it also allows us to move. Our skeleton is made up of many separate bones (206) so that we can bend. Imagine life with a back bone that was rigid rather than our backbone, which is made up of many smaller bones that are held together but allow us to touch our toes! Interestingly children are born with more individual bones than an adult! – Babies need to be more flexible to help them through their mother’s pelvis when they are born. Separate bones grow in the baby’s skull before fusing later (after birth). Muscles attached to these bones enable us to move (more about muscles in the next session!). Without muscles to help us move our bones and hold up our skeleton.

Skeletons also protect our bodies and the vital organs inside. The skull protects the brain with a covering of hard bone & its similar to a cycling helmet that you would wear when cycling (cycle helmets provide additional protection and still need to be worn!!). The rib cage protects the lungs and heart but has enough flexibility to rise and fall as we breathe. Overall, the skeleton is a key component of the Human Body.