Reevy Hill Primary School

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This term we will be learning about ‘Animals including Humans’.


Read the poem (below) I want to go home and:

  • Write  down what stages in her life she goes through.
  • What stage comes before toddler and  after adulthood?

I Want to Go Home- Maximus


She is a four-year-old little girl, the lights of the carnival rides light up her face like the flickering flame of a bonfire. She had fun today but she is tired. She tugs at her mother's sleeve and whines I want to go home.


She is a decade old, adolescence just on the horizon. The words of her peers pierce her once thick skin like daggers. She curls up under the bright yellow slide and sobs I want to go home.


She is seventeen now, adulthood and all of its struggles stare her in the face. With her feet aching after another visit to another college campus, she marches to her little beaten up car. She grips the steering wheel and thinks to herself I want to go home.

She's twenty something and packing up her things from this tiny dorm she called her home for however many blurry years. She dials her mother's cell and mumbles into the phone I want to go home.


She's just a few hours older, her fingertips interrupt the dust on the curtains in the room she used to call hers. She sits on her old bed and looks up at the ceiling and realizes this isn't home.

Look at the clip and powerpoint presentation below then complete the following tasks.


1. Draw and label the main stages of human growth using a timeline.

2. Explain what happens at each stage of human growth.