Reevy Hill Primary School

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Securing shape sense

This week we are looking more in-depth at our 2D shapes. 


Please find below more activities for you to do at home with your grown-up:



Watch the video above and then answer these questions:

  • Can you remember some of the shapes mentioned in the video? What did the little girl find that was a circle shape? How about a rectangle? Can you remember some of the square-shaped items too? 
  • Can you spot any different shapes in your own house? 
  • What shape was the moon? 
  • What about the windows in your house? 
  • Can you collect different objects of different shapes from around your house and sort them into groups of the same shape? 


Shape properties

Have a go at drawing your own shapes with a pencil and a ruler. Can you recognise any shapes in the images below? 



Grown-ups, ask your child:

  • Which shape has 4 lines and 4 pointy corners? 
  • Which shape has one curved line? 
  • Which shape has 4 straight lines, but not all the same size? 
  • Which shape  has 3 straight lines? How many pointy corners does it have? 
  • Does a circle have any corners? 
  • Does the pentagon look similar to any other shapes? 


Den-building is a great way to explore with shapes and discover what they are useful for. Try using cushions and pillows to build a house. Would you want your roof to be flat or sloping? Why? Think about the rain and how it might run off of the roof.


Can you make other objects to play with e.g. a boat out of a cardboard box? What shape would the sails be? 


Maybe you could even build a rocket to go into space! What shapes would the windows be? What about the top of the rocket? Can you find a shape that would be good for the wings?


Paper folding

This activity can be completed with any old newspaper/ magazine page or paper/card you might find at home. 

Ask your grown up to make your paper into a square. Now fold it in the middle... What shape do you have now? Have you found a rectangle? 

Try folding another way, from the corners - can you make a triangle? How many ways can you fold it to discover a new shape? 


Watch the video below to learn how to make a paper aeroplane! What shapes can you see when folding? Ask your grown-up to help you! Maybe you could even write a message inside to send to your friend??