Reevy Hill Primary School

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This half-term's focus is SPACE. 

What do you already know about SPACE? Have a talk with your adult and make a list of all the things that you think might exist in space.


See the story, 'Whatever Next?' read aloud below. Watch the video without sound and see if you can predict what is happening in the book.

Once you have talked through the pictures, see if you can listen to the story and then re-tell it to your friends/teddies/ adults. What happens at the beginning, middle and end?

In the story, Baby Bear makes sandwiches to take in his picnic. Can you design your very own picnic to take to the moon with you? 


See if you can write a list of the ingredients you might need to go shopping for... Can your adult help you to write a list? See if you can fill in the missing sounds below:







Can you pack a bag ready for your trip to the moon? Draw a picture of all the things you would take with you. What might keep you warm? What would you eat? What would you wear on your feet? Who might you take to keep you company? 


Can you label your drawings?