Reevy Hill Primary School

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Can you write a sentence that uses two adjectives before a noun?

Can you use a comma to separate the adjectives (because they are in a list)?

e.g. The beautiful, red balloon glided through the sky.


Sick Sentences


The sentences need help to get better. Can you help?


It was a cloudy day. The balloon went up into the sky. They crew were scared. The crew were excited. Lots of people were cheering them on.



Activity – Using words in context


When we use words in context, we just mean that we use a word correctly so that it makes sense in the rest of the sentence.

For example: I would nibble a biscuit, munch an apple and gobble a cake.


Can you use each of the words below in the appropriate context? How many sentences can you create?


 Evolve                                            Habitat             Predator                   

Lean                                                Dive                  Jump

Nibble                                             Munch              Gobble