Reevy Hill Primary School

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The Christmas Story

This weeks marks the start of our countdown to Christmas! As part of this we have started learning about the Christmas story. Watch the video below and discuss the following questions:

  • Who were the main characters in the story? 
  • What animal did they ride to Bethlehem?
  • Where did they have to sleep?
  • Why was the new baby so special? 
  • Who came to visit the baby?
  • What 3 gifts did the 3 kings bring for Jesus? 


How is this different to where babies are born now? What presents might we give to a baby now? Would kings visit every baby that was born, why not? 

Can you complete the missing words?


Joseph       star       Jesus     kings      shepherds    first     Bethlehem


Have a go at sounding out the words for spelling and writing on your own..


Long ago,  Mary and ______ travelled to _________ to have a baby. His name was _____.


They walked along a long, bumpy road to find a room for the night.


A bright ____ shone in the sky to guide people to the new baby. _________ saw the star. Three _____ saw the star. They all brought Jesus gifts..


It was the _____ Christmas.



Try drawing your own nativity scene. Can you label your characters?


How many people and animals can you draw and name?