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Bonfire night activities


In English, we have been talking about celebrations and different festivals. This week is all about ‘Bonfire night!’ Tell your grown-ups what we might do on this day to celebrate?


Activity: Can your grown-up write all your ideas down?

Watch the video link below. Does this look similar to how you might celebrate?


Can you remember what happens in the video? Tell the story back to your grown up.


Discuss the following questions thinking about your different senses…

  • What smells did Bo smell at the fayre? Think about the food/ fire…
  • Can you describe the things she might have seen? Were there other people there? What kind of colours did you see?
  • What things did she taste?
  • Can you describe the noises she might have heard? Think about the fireworks, the rides, the people…


Activity: Watch this video of fireworks and listen out for the different sounds they make

Can you remember some of the noises the fireworks made? Help your grown-up to read these words. Parents may say the word and see if the child can hear the initial sound e.g. ‘c’ for crackle:

Crash        Bang      Fizz      Pop       Crackle



Practise writing the above words/ initial sounds on paper. You could even try writing in the mud with sticks/ using your fingers in shaving foam or sugar or salt (anything you can find around your house!) You could even use sparklers (remember your gloves!) Can you design and draw your very own firework? What sounds would it make? Use the words above to help label your picture.


We also talked about the importance of staying safe on bonfire night. Read these rules with an adult. Can you recognise any of our sounds within the words?

Stand well back

Keep pets indoors

Wear gloves when handling sparklers

Never throw fireworks

Keep fireworks in a box

Can you use drawings/ cut pictures out/ write sounds to make your very own ‘Bonfire Safety’ poster? Posters contain important information – maybe you could display it in your house to ensure everyone stays safe?