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Remembrance day focus


This week we are learning and talking about ‘Remembrance Day’, also known as ‘Poppy Day’.

On this day, we remember all the people who have lost their lives while serving in the armed forces for their country. In Britain, Remembrance Day has been a tradition since the end of the First World War. It’s also celebrated in many different countries across the globe. People from different backgrounds, cultures and religions come together to honour Remembrance Day.    

Talk to your grown-ups and find out if any of them know anyone who served in the war? Maybe your grandparents or great grandparents fought or knew people who did?

Parents: Ask your child- What do you think ‘war’ means? Why might people choose to fight? Is fighting the answer? How else could we solve issues?


During wars, soldiers would have to go away for long periods of time and leave their family. Some children were forced to live away from their mums and dads. How do you think they felt? What would you take with you to help you feel safe and comforted? Can you draw the items you would take in your suitcase?

Can you hear initial sounds in the words and label your drawings? E.g. ‘t’ for teddy

Watch the video below. Talk about what is happening.

  • Why is rabbit hiding? How does he feel?
  • What is falling from the sky?
  • What do you notice about the poppy’s colour?
  • Why is red a good colour to wear to show hope? Explain what ‘hope’ means and how the bright colours show light in dark times. (You could relate to how we drew rainbows during lockdown)

WEDNESDAY 11/11/2020 – Click on this link at 11am for your child to watch their alternative to the 2 minute silence we partake in -


Imagine you are writing a postcard to your Mum or Dad who is living away. Can you make a colourful poppy picture and have a go at writing a message and your name.