Reevy Hill Primary School

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This week we are moving onto subtraction.


We are going to start by looking at subtracting numbers within 10 using pictures to help us work it out.


Now try the ones below using the same method to work them out. Draw the amount of circles and then cross out how many you are taking away.


The total is the amount you are left with. 


10-7=                 6-3=


5-3=                   7- 2=


9-4=                   4-1=


8-1=                   10-5=

Now move onto subtraction within 20.

You start with 20 circles and you need to subtract 10. Start by crossing out 10 of the circles. Then count how many circles you have left (10) this is the total.


e.g 20-10 = 10

Now have a go at the questions below.

Remember to cross out the circles for the ones you are subtracting. Then count how many you have left. 

We can also work out how to subtract numbers using a number line.


Have a look at the example below.

You are taking away 4 from 10 so you need to start at number 10 and circle it.

Then you need to take away 4 by making 4 jumps underneath the number line going backwards (the numbers will be getting smaller).  


This takes you to 6 which is your total. Circle the number as well so that you don't forget the answer.  


Have a go at the other two examples.


Now try the ones below using the number line.

Subtraction within 20 using a number line. 

Follow the same method as before to complete the rest of the questions underneath.


Then have a go at the ones below.

Now try working out if these ones are correct.


Follow the same method as you have been doing and then correct the answer if it is wrong. Just like the example above. 


Have a go at these: