Reevy Hill Primary School

Interactive bar


Week 1 04.01.21-08.01.21

One of the children's parents sent photos in of her daughter drawing a picture of a Zebra from the story 'Polar bear, Polar bear, What do you Hear? and her favourite animal (pig).
Some more fabulous online learning which has been sent in for us to see. Fantastic writing, and number work and a brilliant picture of an elephant and a Flamingo.

A massive thank you for the lovely photos you have sent in of your child's online learning this week. The pictures of the Zebra, pig, elephant, flamingo and the Lion are brilliant!!! 

 Love how your ordering the polar bears in the correct order and learning to recognise your numerals and doing lots of writing. Keep up the good work!!! 

Take care, keep safe and hope to see you all soon. 

From the Nursery Team.